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    Topic NameNumber of Completions
    The Packaging Dilemma: A Journey towards Sustainability0
    Trash or Treasure?0
    Efficiency Engineering … a smart optimization of resources0
    From the farm field to your table0
    The Additive Disaster: The Story of Mia and Hana0
    A natural decision1
    Digital Health.. digital innovation for smart and sustenibility health0
    Dying for Fashion: The Story of Mia and Hana1
    A local market challenge0
    Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) … an intelligent approach0
    How green is your transportation?0
    Sustainable changes in our daily lives0
    Food Miles Detective: An Eco-Conscious Adventure?0
    Butterfly Effect2
    Ecotouring Iceland: A Journey Through Nature’s Beauty2
    A Different Summer3
    Green IT ..a smart family2
    What values do you want to wear?2
    Sustainable practices in the office4
    Conscious Choices: The Cost of Food Waste on the Environment and the Community6
    In the eye of the beholder30
    A second life5
    A new Smartphone54